Download here the TNGPROP documentation. This consists of a single, gzip-compressed tar file called "tacprop.tar.gz" containing several files which can be extracted using e.g. or, for linux users,
A directory called  AOT48  will be created with the following files:
tacAOT48.sty   latex style file specific for TNG-AOT48 proposals
tacAOT48.tex empty template of a proposal which can edited by the user
tacAOT48exa.tex example of a filled proposal
marx1.eps  marx2.eps postscript figures necessary to compile tngexample.tex
instr_AOT48.pdf same instructions in pdf format

Please read the instructions and the information and technical warnings for TNG and REM; then fill in the template form with all the information relevant for your proposal. Keep in mind that all applications must be written in English and must be submitted using our interactive web interface.

Proposals submitted in other forms (e.g. e-mail) will not be considered.

An acknowledgment of receipt will be communicated interactively by the web interface. Proposers will not receive any e-mail unless we find something odd in their submitted application.

All applications will be reviewed by the INAF-TAC assisted by the TNG and REM staff for the technical feasibility of the observations.